The Open Table


The Open Table is a movement of servants restoring people in poverty to our communities through relationship and by investing our own vocational and life experiences and personal networks. It seeks to provide a person in poverty a group of people who can help them navigate their way out.

Open Table Family Model

How It Works

A group of 6-12 individuals sit around a Table and act as a “board of directors” for the brother(s)/sister(s) being helped. Each person around the Table has a specific seat (see diagram left) where they provide help in particular areas as they need it. Simple enough, right? The goal with this tool is to help move people from poverty to stability to community. It is designed to put people together in a space where they everyone is transformed.

The Open Table is a tool that churches and the community can use to help those members in their congregations that need it most. It is a way of imparting grace into the lives of people fallen on difficult times.

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