Discipleship In The Present Age

Bringing culture, theology, and following Christ
into a coherent conversation.

Why Take This Class?

The goal of this gathering is to bridge culture, theology, and discipleship into a coherent conversation. With the events (politically, socially, economically, etc.) going on around us, we feel the need to ask some key questions about all of it. Questions like: What do these cultural questions have to do with theology and discipleship? How do they speak to each other? What is their connection? How should we act?

The landscapes of our local churches, communities, states, and nation are shifting. What’s the church supposed to do? How are we to think through the critical issues surrounding us? In what ways do we bring the light of Christ into difficult situations? These are the pivotal, nuanced questions we are facing today. The class will be deep, meaningful, and full of discussion (come prepared to talk about your ideas!)

Class Structure

The class will cover a myriad of topics; everything from politics, economics, and poverty to art, other religions, and sexual orientation. In each of these classes we will do three things:

Culture Theology Application

  • 01

    Talk through the cultural implications of the week’s topic.

  • 02

    Walk through the scriptural and theological points related to the topic.

  • 03

    Discuss the ways in which the church can and should approach the topics.

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