An M28 Internship

Discipleship that Transforms

What’s the Internship About?

Frank Lloyd Wright had a winter location for his School of Architecture in Scottsdale, AZ. The tagline of the school is “Building Architects.” How does one, precisely, “build an architect?” How do you create creators?

Wright believed that, to being, you had to “put your hands on the materials.” You couldn’t design, create, or build until you had inhabited and touched the environment you wished to make. So, his first students set up tents in the desert, designed the school, and built it. This was a tangible expression of Wright’s hands-on approach apprenticeship program.

There’s another, more important lesson here (one we hope to teach with out M28 Internship Program): we don’t just come to a place with a predetermined blueprint and impose it upon the community as we see fit. We can’t just have eyes for our own plans. Instead, we must dwell in the places we want to change, mold, and (re)design. So, our goal for the internship is to do just that: allow you to dwell in a local community and experience the life, joy heartbreak, and hopelessness. Then, you know what to create and how to mold people and the city in the image God has for them.

This reminds us of Jesus’ approach to discipleship and ministry. He came in the flesh to be with people. It was hands on. So, that’s what we’re trying to replicate. We hope you’ll join us in this endeavor.

What Will I Do?

The main goal of the internship is to expose you to influential and transformational types of ministry, theology, and praxis. Here’s what we’ll do:

Minister to Others

You’ll do what we do. Each week you’ll come along with us as we meet with men and women who are going through difficult life circumstances. We’ll talk with them about their lives, their future hopes and plans, and how God fits into all of it.

Learn from the Community

We’ll connect you with local churches, pastors, and non-profits working in our community. The goal will be to learn from these directors and leaders, and to participate in the things they’re doing.

Read Hand-Picked Texts

We have a number of influential books, journals, and articles for you to read through and digest. We’ll also spend time talking and writing about what you’re reading and thinking.

Lead In A Place of Ministry

We have a network of people and places who are willing to have you speak, teach, and/or lead worship on a continual basis. This is afford you the opportunity to improve your skills as a communicator and leader.

Relfect Via Social Media

Social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs) have become a driving force for sharing information. During your time with us, you’ll have the opportunity to use these outlets as a way to process your thoughts about ministry, life, and culture.

Gain Non-Profit Work Experience

Have the chance to work with non-profit board members and attend meetings, understand grants and how they can work for you, make connections in the community, and learn about accounting and financing. This will be an opportunity to see the day-to-day operations of non-profits and churches.

Take Part in a Missional Community

This is a community space where we talk about what ministry looks like in our present time, how theology is shaped and worked through in light of current events, and how to be salt and light in today’s world.

Craft a Ministry Plan

We will work with you to develop a Ministry Plan that is transferrable to your next ministry location that embraces elements you will have discovered during the internship.

Are you interested in interning with M28?