Resilience through Rapping: Get to Know Frankie C.

Frankie C. is a truly remarkable person who has been doing life with M28 participants and working with Pastor Jim as his spiritual life coach. He has an important story to tell, and he does it through his original rap songs, which you can check out below. This medium helps Frankie as he works on ...Read More

A Second Chance and a New Path Forward with M28 Ministry

“You are talking with a dead man right now, but he is walking,” Cristobal Sanchez described himself as he recounted his life and how he became involved with M28 Ministry. Cristobal was born into a family of organized crime, drugs, and alcohol. He was involved with substances just as a regular part of his daily ...Read More

‘God Opens Many Doors.’ Doug and Nikki McMullen’s M28 story.

“I took the cops on a high-speed chase and was using drugs badly. I thought I was going away for a while,” said Doug McMullen as he spoke about the grace of God and His caring nature introduced to him through M28. Doug and Nikki McMullen have been together for over twenty years, side-by-side through ...Read More

Todd Cressler Becomes Associate Director and Development Officer At M28 Ministry

Todd Cressler recently joined M28 Ministry as Associate Director and Development Officer. In this position, he will lead the nonprofit’s fundraising efforts, assist in M28’s growth as an organization, and provide mentoring and life coaching to those finding their way in life. He also will work closely with Executive Director Jimmy Schambach and Director Emeritus ...Read More

Nonprofit M28 Ministry Holds Fundraising Banquet Featuring Keynote Speaker Damon West, An Internationally Bestselling Author

M28 Ministry, a faith-based nonprofit in Central Pennsylvania dedicated to assisting those in recovery from substance use disorders, will host internationally bestselling author Damon West as the keynote speaker for its annual fundraising banquet. The event, to be held Oct. 12 at West Shore Country Club, raises money to support M28 projects including a food pantry, life coaching, ...Read More

‘I Am One Of God’s Children, And I Matter:’ Patrick Lamey’s M28 Story

‘I Am One Of God’s Children, And I Matter:’ Patrick Lamey’s M28 Story After a string of bad events in Patrick’s life, he spiraled. Homeless for three years, Patrick found himself living in abandoned houses and tents. He prayed to many different idols and “gods,” not knowing what or whom to believe in. He had ...Read More

‘We’re So Proud of Him:’ Rigoberto Ramos’ M28 Story

‘We’re So Proud of Him:’ Rigoberto Ramos’ M28 Story It’s become a ritual of sorts, something that connects both men no matter what else is going on in their lives. Every morning without fail for the past three years, Rigoberto Ramos texts Pastor Jim a short note of encouragement. “It is usually something he found ...Read More

Charity Gala with Special Guest Keynote Darryl Strawberry

On October 6, 2022, M28 ministry supporters and friends will gather at The West Shore Country Club for our for a night of food, fellowship, and fundraising as we swing for the fences to support individuals in need throughout Central Pennsylvania! This special gala dinner features special guest, eight-time All Star, Darryl Strawberry as our ...Read More

Connected in Care: M28 Ministry and Daystar Center

In 2011, Pastor Jim started M28 Ministry, and during this time, he began looking for places where he could meet people who were interested in their spirituality and wanted to explore how God could help them in their lives. He reached out to Daystar Center for Recovery and connected with two men in their program. ...Read More

Afghan Refugees Relocate to Central Pennsylvania: M28 Ministry and Jewish Family Services Partnering to Help Them Feel at Home

It’s not every day that you hear of a Christian organization partnering with a Jewish organization to help Muslim refugees, but that is exactly what is happening now in central Pennsylvania. Between January 2 and February 15, 2022, the largest resettlement effort for Afghan refugees in the United States (90,000+) will take place. After undergoing ...Read More