Connected in Care: M28 Ministry and Daystar Center

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Daystar Center

In 2011, Pastor Jim started M28 Ministry, and during this time, he began looking for places where he could meet people who were interested in their spirituality and wanted to explore how God could help them in their lives. He reached out to Daystar Center for Recovery and connected with two men in their program. Since then, M28 has met with more than 400 individuals through the connection with Daystar.

Daystar Center for Recovery is a licensed in-patient substance use disorder program where men live and receive treatment for a minimum of 90 days and receive support and counseling from Daystar staff as they pursue recovery. On the other hand, M28 is more of a supportive program where our staff and volunteers help the men while they are in a Daystar residence and then as they are transitioning back into society. We meet with them one-on-one and focus on helping them navigate their new lives.

Daystar Center for Recovery

The connection between M28 and Daystar that began more than 11 years ago continues to this day. Pastor Jim has been a board member with Daystar for more than five years now, and Tristin Schambach, Jimmy’s wife, is starting a role with them too.

Daystar does a wonderful job providing men with the opportunity to find sobriety and stay in recovery – and later in 2022 they will be able to help women as well. As things currently stand, M28 and Daystar work together in the following ways:

  1. Daystar refers men to M28 to mentor and coach.
  2. M28’s House2Home Project provides furniture and other home goods to Daystar for their houses and rehab center.
  3. M28 and Daystar work together to help those in treatment with their sobriety and find a more preferential future.

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