Turning Empty Living Space into a Welcoming Home

The House2Home Project (H2H) is comprised of three locally based community nonprofits. We are combining our resources and partnering with other community based agencies, organizations and churches who are helping families and individuals move from homeless shelters, difficult life circumstances or transitional housing by providing good, used furnishings and interior design services.

Our mission is to turn an empty living space into a clean, cozy, dignified, and welcoming home where a family or an individual will feel proud of their surroundings and be able to spend more time and personal resources on education, employment, raising children and creating a future for themselves. It’s a simple idea but has a transforming impact on the future of those who are committed to life change.

You can help us help those rebuilding their lives by regifting furniture, volunteering your time, and by financially backing this effort (donate online or make checks payable to M28 Ministry for House2Home Project and send them to PO Box 3027, Camp Hill PA 17011).

House 2 Home Project

How Does this Work?

A partnering agency (see criteria for this) makes a referral. Our interior design staff (see below) will meet with an individual/family to do a basic needs assessment. This along with a checklist and timetable for implementation will move the project forward.

The designers will invite the client to check our showroom inventory for items (furnishings, accessories, housewares, etc.) desired. Here, the designer will make recommendations, assist with color selection, spatial designing, accessories and the like.

The client (and referring agency) will pick up and move items from our showroom to the living space. The designer will assist with placement of furniture and accessories. The end result will be something the client or family will be proud to live in and share hospitality with others.

All referrals must come through a partnering agency.

You can make a difference

  • $100 provides kitchen appliances, cookware and utensils
  • $150 provides a twin-sized bed, sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and covers
  • $300 Provides a full-sized bed sheets, pillows, pillow cases, and covers
  • $600 provides a full sized bed & twin bed
  • $1500 furnishes an entire house for a family of three
  • $2500 furnishes an entire house for a family of five

Donation Options

The idea behind House2Home Project is to be generous to others who have had misfortune in their lives and rebuilding their lives. What you can do with your gently used furniture is “re-gift” it! We appreciate good, used furniture (with the emphasis on “good”). Re-gifting allows you to share in the joy of seeing your gently used furniture and household goods go to someone who really needs it!

Contact • Drop Off • Pick Up

  • 01

    Contact to set up an appointment.

  • 02

    You can donate items by dropping them off at our warehouse facility at 101 11th Street New Cumberland, PA. By appointment only.

  • 03

    You can donate by arranging a pick up (you must be within 10 miles of New Cumberland, PA). For a small donation, we will pick up donated household items. This is to cover the expense of the truck and gas. We would love it if you were feeling generous and could give more. All donations will go toward moving costs.

Items We Receive

All items should be in good condition, smoke free, with no pet hair or bugs.
1. Bedroom furniture
2. Bunk beds
3. Mattresses, box springs, bed frames – no king size
4. Bed linens, blankets, mattress pads/covers
5. Living room/family room furniture
6. Kitchen and dining room tables and chairs
7. Microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, coffee/tea pots
8. Kitchen utensils, dishes, bowls, cups and glassware and accessories of all types
9. Lamps
10. Rugs (8’x10’ max)
11. Bookshelves
12. Working vacuums
13. Bathroom items – towels, washcloths, rugs, shower curtains/liners, rods/rings, and accessories of all types
14. Cleaning supplies, mops, buckets, wipes, disinfectants
15. Artwork and knick-knacks
16. Clothing
17. Large Appliances and TVs on a case-by-case basis ONLY

Do We Not Accept

1. Older or non-working TVs
2. Large Appliances that are not in working order or need assembly
2. Food
3. Child cribs and mattresses, children’s toys (Do we want this Julia?)
4. Rugs larger than 8 X 10
5. Large metal desks
6. Printers and computers
7. Large entertainment centers
8. Anything that has to be uninstalled or hard-wired.

UHaul House2Home Project
Help those rebuilding their lives